Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Many are obsessed with the number of site visitors they get on their site. One of the main goals of running a website is to get people to visit the site, and once they visit, we’ would want them to stick around for a little longer. People visit a particular site looking for something, be it a product, or certain information. Whatever it is, they should be able to find what they are looking for easily, without any hassle.

There are certain rules to be followed to achieve this, let’s have a look:
Bad Navigation:
Getting the site and the blog navigation right in order is absolutely crucial, in order to get people to visit the site and stay a little longer. Nothing frustrates the visitors more than the site that is complex and difficult to navigate. Bad navigation can leave customers angry and make them leave the site without going through all the pages.

Mistakes That Make People Leave The Website

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Website is the most powerful tool of any business if showcased differently. The website is the first impression of your business so definitely it has to look appealing. If your website is not getting you enough audience to make your business successful, it’s time to redesign your website. Redesigning a website does take a lot of investment and time but once done correctly the results would be rewarding. We have listed down few points which will help you to know if your website needs a redesigning or not.

Mobile Friendly- To reach your audience at large your website should be accessible on all the devices like tablet, laptop, Smartphone etc. This will help your business grow tremendously. Whether a person is at restaurant or in a train, they all are on their mobile phones, so if your website is not mobile friendly, certainly chances of you making profit would decrease.

Benefits of Redesigning a Website

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