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With the release of HTML 5.1 in November 2016, aptly called as the gold standard by W3C, you are now empowered with new options to create more versatile web applicationsW3C published its new HTML 5.1 recommendation to announce that the HTML specification has been given a major revamp. We will be discussing some of the new features here but remember to check browser support as you give these features a try in production because not all browsers support all of them.

Making responsive image selection possible

HTML 5.1 allows you to use <picture> tag along with the srcset attribute in order to enable you to do responsive image selection. This tag functions as an image container for the multiple image resources. Remember, default image resources need to be declared as the value of the src attribute within the <img> tag. And also declare the alternative image resources as the value of the srcset attribute of the <img> as well as <source> elements.

Showing and hiding extra information

Now, you can use <details> and <summary> tags to add extra information in a content piece. By default this extra information will remain hidden but if the users are interested to have a look they have an option to do so. Web development experts have to place the <summary> tag inside <details> while they code and the extra information that they want to hide must be added after the <summary> tag.

Creating reverse link relationships

With HTML 5.1 you will able to use rev attribute for the <link> and <a> elements to specify how your current document is related to the linked document i.e. it defines the relationship in the reverse direction.

Creating an empty option

You can create an empty <option> element which could be defined as the child element of <select>, <optgroup> or <datalist> elements. While designing user-friendly forms, you will find this feature useful.

Handling figure captions flexibly

In HTML the <figure> element serves as a container for visuals, e.g. photos, diagrams and illustrations. The caption or legend of this <figure> element is represented by the <figcaption> tag which can appear anywhere within its <figure> container as per the new release.

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New Features of HTML 5.1 to Create More Flexible Web Experiences

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