Monday, 11 July 2016

For those who are just entering the world of development, these commonly used words can be confusing. It is true they all sound the same but the fact is they are for difference reasons. They are a different technology with different capabilities. All these three languages are markup languages created for the web and web development best practices. Let have a comprehension of their difference in the world of development.

To clear your confusion, let me explain each in brief and then you can choose to develop your understanding for the use of each of them.

What are Markup Languages?

These markup languages are designed specifically to work for web development. Today, it is a foundation of the web and everything you see is the combination of markup text, CSS and front end scripts (interactivity) are based on mark up languages. It is what creates the final web presence. It sets the architecture of the website and gives it structure. These mark up languages structures data. Unlike other languages like Python or PHP or Ruby that guide the behavior of the data and the databases.

The Difference between HTML, XHTML & HTML5 for Beginners

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