Monday, 27 June 2016

Migrate to Drupal 8 for Long Term Results

Wish to be prepared for the future innovations in the world of website development? Then choosing Drupal 8 is the best way to go! Drupal 8 is an open source framework that will require people to make a very elaborative understanding of mobile responsiveness and considers the latest changes in the browser and search technologies compatibility factors.

Drupal 8 provides with Mobile Friendly & Global Ready Websites

Irrespective of the technology, if you are optimized for the search engines, all of this will not make sense. But in the case of Drupal, even search optimization is sorted and so is the speed. Moreover, it is also providing with great content creation techniques that will enhance the overall development look and feel. Let us understand each feature that makes Drupal 8 better than other CMS open source frameworks.

1.      Content Loading

Drupal and Content Marketers were made for each other. Unlike other website development frameworks, this is the unique quality about Drupal 8. Here, it is said to give tough competition to WordPress as a Content Management System. It supports content quickly and also loads the content faster. Generally, loading speed is a huge factor as that define your place online. A site’s loading capability affect site’s global rank and local rank. Also, Google provides an insight on a page’s loading speed. But this also ensures reduction costly affairs.
The advantage with Drupal 8 is that it helps users address page load issues. For better understanding, let me give you an example: Drupal 8 caches all entities and only loads JavaScript when necessary. This means that content will not be needed to reload again; it will load quickly from the cache. So if you website is created with Drupal 8, your users will not have to wait for the content to load. The new content is there in front of your users as the cache of the older unchanged content remains and is shown immediately.

2.      Content Visualization

Drupal 8 is a content manager’s best friend. They are blessed with the editing options that Drupal 8 provides. When you are editing in Drupal, you get what you see. A good editor for mobile and desktop devices i.e. the WYSIWYG editor. Hail Drupal Editor! Drupal Development Experts happen to love it! Developers and content marketers can easily choose images and check the content on both the mobile and desktop. It provides extreme ease! This saves the developers time and lets them focus on other aspects of development.

3.      Your Content Manager

Yes, it is your content manager that is accessible whenever you like, only he does not talk! Drupal 8 offers a very simple and highly flexible Content Management System (CMS) where in the previous version this was not seen. So the new users find this a bit of challenge. For the record, Drupal Development Specialists are really convinced of the new improvements. With Drupal 8, content authoring is very easy and the performance if guaranteed. So development in Drupal is quite reliable! Trust me; since I have been using it, my ideas about development in Drupal have completely changed. It allows content managers to navigate their website very smoothly. Also, the new page editor is quite convenient to use.

4.      SEO Friendly

As I said earlier, it has become a necessity to be optimized for the search engines otherwise all that you do for the website development will go in vain! Drupal 8 developers are availed with many modules that monitor SEO activity and track analytics. It is can easily produce and customize meta- tags or create title based URL nodes for website. With the introduction of Drupal 8, you can integrate Yoast and Goalgorilla to develop the Search Engine Optimization of the website. It also supports RDF and integrates very easily with Google Analytics.

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