Tuesday, 27 December 2016

With the release of HTML 5.1 in November 2016, aptly called as the gold standard by W3C, you are now empowered with new options to create more versatile web applicationsW3C published its new HTML 5.1 recommendation to announce that the HTML specification has been given a major revamp. We will be discussing some of the new features here but remember to check browser support as you give these features a try in production because not all browsers support all of them.

Making responsive image selection possible

HTML 5.1 allows you to use <picture> tag along with the srcset attribute in order to enable you to do responsive image selection. This tag functions as an image container for the multiple image resources. Remember, default image resources need to be declared as the value of the src attribute within the <img> tag. And also declare the alternative image resources as the value of the srcset attribute of the <img> as well as <source> elements.

Showing and hiding extra information

Now, you can use <details> and <summary> tags to add extra information in a content piece. By default this extra information will remain hidden but if the users are interested to have a look they have an option to do so. Web development experts have to place the <summary> tag inside <details> while they code and the extra information that they want to hide must be added after the <summary> tag.

Creating reverse link relationships

With HTML 5.1 you will able to use rev attribute for the <link> and <a> elements to specify how your current document is related to the linked document i.e. it defines the relationship in the reverse direction.

Creating an empty option

You can create an empty <option> element which could be defined as the child element of <select>, <optgroup> or <datalist> elements. While designing user-friendly forms, you will find this feature useful.

Handling figure captions flexibly

In HTML the <figure> element serves as a container for visuals, e.g. photos, diagrams and illustrations. The caption or legend of this <figure> element is represented by the <figcaption> tag which can appear anywhere within its <figure> container as per the new release.

To implement all the new features in your web application development, get in touch with a HTML5 Development Service Provider and create a feature-rich flexible web application.

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New Features of HTML 5.1 to Create More Flexible Web Experiences

Monday, 1 August 2016

With the advancement in technology and innovation, there are new devices and technologies for them coming in picture. This means that the existing innovations need to keep in par with these advances in technology. Since these innovations, businesses are changing their strategies and making efforts to ensure the online presence of the websites.

Here, many web development agencies across the globe are devising optimization strategies in order to optimize the websites for the current needs. But what exactly does website performance mean?
Website Performance covers many aspects of development that include responsiveness of images, screen sizes, page loading speed, conversion rate, SERPs and brand enhancement and exposure.

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So what are the ways in which you can boost the performance of your website? Here are few ways in which you most definitely can, coming from a web development specialist.

New Website Design

The website is your identity presentation to your users. You need to make sure that you avail all the resources to the users in order to offer exciting user experiences. Have interactive features and call to actions on your landing page that drives the user to stay on your website. Just ensure that the page loads faster.

Effective SEO Activities

Writing relevant content can optimize your website for the search engines. Good and effective content is necessary for topping the search engines. Moreover, it adds to the overall user experiences while they are on your website. You can give them suggestion and tips on the usage of your products and elaborate on your services. This creates a credible image of you and also ensures the needs are taken care of.

Presence on Social Media

If you wish to interact with your audience, being present on social media will be of great help. This creates a recall value among your target audiences. Moreover, you interact with them on a personal level. The social media marketing channels are a great medium to engage your target audience. So indulge in sharing updates of the company activities, projects, employee achievements etc. and increase your followers on social media platforms.

Image Optimization

First things first, make sure that you have high resolution images that are optimized for various screens and are optimal for viewing across multiple devices. The images that you upload must be interactive. Use formats like JPEG, GIF or PNG. Tag those images with Meta tags and filenames so they are optimized for search.

Best Web Development Technology & Optimized Code

If at all you wish to optimize your website in the right ways, you must start by choosing the latest and the updated version in technology. Make sure you choose a technology that suits the requirements of the website and offers scope to extend capabilities later. Take advice from web development specialist. If you are looking for cost effective solutions, then you must consider Outsourcing Web Development India.

When you have a clean code base, the code of your website is optimized and loads speedily. There are many code practices where you land up having repetitions or a heavy backend with loaded code base. For this reason, clean your code and make your website lighter.

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5 Amazing Tips to Optimize the Website Performance

Monday, 11 July 2016

For those who are just entering the world of development, these commonly used words can be confusing. It is true they all sound the same but the fact is they are for difference reasons. They are a different technology with different capabilities. All these three languages are markup languages created for the web and web development best practices. Let have a comprehension of their difference in the world of development.

To clear your confusion, let me explain each in brief and then you can choose to develop your understanding for the use of each of them.

What are Markup Languages?

These markup languages are designed specifically to work for web development. Today, it is a foundation of the web and everything you see is the combination of markup text, CSS and front end scripts (interactivity) are based on mark up languages. It is what creates the final web presence. It sets the architecture of the website and gives it structure. These mark up languages structures data. Unlike other languages like Python or PHP or Ruby that guide the behavior of the data and the databases.

The Difference between HTML, XHTML & HTML5 for Beginners

Monday, 27 June 2016

Wish to be prepared for the future innovations in the world of website development? Then choosing Drupal 8 is the best way to go! Drupal 8 is an open source framework that will require people to make a very elaborative understanding of mobile responsiveness and considers the latest changes in the browser and search technologies compatibility factors.

Drupal 8 provides with Mobile Friendly & Global Ready Websites

Irrespective of the technology, if you are optimized for the search engines, all of this will not make sense. But in the case of Drupal, even search optimization is sorted and so is the speed. Moreover, it is also providing with great content creation techniques that will enhance the overall development look and feel. Let us understand each feature that makes Drupal 8 better than other CMS open source frameworks.

Migrate to Drupal 8 for Long Term Results

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Software Application Developers choose PHP framework for development for development purposes. PHP is one of those frameworks that comprises of the most elaborate network of tools and development options.

PHP has been powering more than 250 million websites and applications around the world. It is convenient for development and also a very stable platform. It is more preferred by developers around the world. As a scripting language, it works wonders for website development.

PHP Trace

Do you wish to trace problems or look for bugs? Then this tool can come to your rescue. PHP Trace is one of those tools that lets you trace and troubleshoot problems in PHP scripts. The tool source all the information on PHP and execute context and PHP function that calls for PHP Runtime that allows developers to identify heavy load problems and other bugs.

Parsedown PHP

When it comes to PHP, all PHP Development Experts prefer tool for automatic parsing Markdown text and it ensure the parsing is executed without any error. It offers opportunity to developer whether to write or paste the markdown text in a demo space and the interface is highly user friendly.

Geo Coder

With the growing popularity of Geo Aware apps, this tool has also has worked its way to the top among the PHP developers. Geo Coder enables PHP developers with brilliant features that helps them in building apps that offer custom information based on a user’s location. Also, backed by a powerful library, it allows developers to execute abstraction layer. Thus, enables developers with easy geocoding manipulation using user's geographical location to elate customer experiences.


Looking for app extensions for PHP scripts, then this tool will be the right choice. Known for its amazing and big library for app extensions is the most preferred tool for PHP development and considered as best tool among PHP development Experts. It provides with ++ library aids in developing PHP extensions where it also comes with easy to use classes that are used by developers to build different extensions for PHP.

Sublime Text

A very high end tool for text editor used for codes, markup and prose editing! Among the code editions, there are only few that match agility and flexibility of SublimeText. This tool also offers you extraordinary performance.

Keep tuned for more on tool for PHP development. Selecting Outsourcing PHP Development generally uses many of these tools for adding extensions for PHP based applications.

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5 Special PHP Development Tools

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

As the internet enables the global shoppers to come to the online portals, search and buy the products of their choices, merchants and website owners strive mortally to find out how their visitors are finding their website. Global activities done virtually on their website is a vital key to gaining insight into what appeals to your customers and how better businesses can serve their consumers. Web analysts and visionary marketing professionals constantly insist on integrating a seamless analytical system in place that gives a powerful watch over on-site activities to help improve website performance and targeting the most relevant audience.

Businesses often seem to forget how important the data is to build a further strategy to enrich the interaction that takes place between buyers and sellers. So here we have taken an initiative to enlighten you about how Google Analytics can work as a best tool to tell you all about your website performance indexes, key metrics and how well your business is doing.

How can Google analytics help you understand your website performance?

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

It's a certainty of cutting edge business life that you require a solid web vicinity, as well as a webpage that is perceptible over a wide stage of gadgets, as well. As indicated by KPCB, time spent on cell phones is higher than on desktop, at 51% to 42%. That implies your client base is doing Google hunts and shopping on-the-go. Then again they could simply be surfing on the couch.
In any case, if your site doesn't work for portable clients, you're removing an immense benefit potential. At the point when was the last time you checked your site on your advanced cell? 

1.Your web rankings have gone down

Google and the other web search tools need to give their clients the best data. To keep clients upbeat, catchphrase packing isn't going to cut it. Today, the destinations with high rankings have quality substance that is invigorated every day. Think online journals, if your webpage doesn't have a web journal, then you truly require a redesign.

Know when to redesign your website

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